Security Statement
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Security Statement

Security Overview

At First Federal, we take internet security seriously. First Federal uses the latest technology to protect the confidentiality of your personal data and complies with all applicable banking regulations relating to the safeguarding of your data.


Safety Measures

Advances in security technology occur frequently, and we constantly evaluate our security environment to ensure that it provides the highest level of privacy and safety for our customers. We put the highest priority on protecting the safety, soundness, and security of financial transactions and the systems that those transactions depend on. We have listed a few of the security measures in place for your protection below.


Internet Banking Security

  • First Federal's internet products use the latest encryption technology to secure your data over the internet. Encryption is the process of transforming data into a form unreadable to anyone except those who possess the decryption key.
  • For your protection, First Federal uses 128-bit encryption throughout our Internet Banking website.
  • First Federal uses digital certificates to assure that when you access our secured websites, you are actually communicating with First Federal and not an imposter.
  • First Federal's servers are physically secured and are monitored for inappropriate activity or intrusion attempts. They are also protected by internet firewalls.
  • A sign-on is required before access is allowed to your data. Your password is displayed as asterisks when you enter it. In the event that you have five (5) invalid sign-on attempts, you will automatically be locked out of Internet Banking.
  • To prevent unauthorized access to your accounts when you step away from your computer, your Internet Banking session automatically signs off after 10 minutes. It is best to sign-off or close your browser after completing your banking session.